Optimization and Modelling of Fracture Height in SECC Cylindrical Cup Deep Drawing Processes
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Economics - Technology for Industries, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Hungyen University of Technology and Education, Hungyen, Vietnam
School of Mechanical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
These authors had equal contribution to this work
Submission date: 2023-09-14
Final revision date: 2024-02-26
Acceptance date: 2024-02-28
Online publication date: 2024-03-10
Publication date: 2024-04-02
Corresponding author
Duc-Toan Nguyen   

School of Mechanical Engineering,, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1A-Dai Co Viet Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam, 100000, Viet Nam
Journal of Machine Engineering 2024;24(1):74-86
Deep drawing processes play a pivotal role in the manufacturing of sheet and shell products, making it a widely adopted method. This research employs numerical simulations to investigate the impact of various process parameters on the fracture height of cylindrical cups made from SECC (Steel Electrogalvanized Commercial Cold rolled) material. Specifically, it examines parameters such as blank holder force (BHF), punch corner radius (Rp), die corner radius (Rd), and punch-die clearance (Wc). The study extends to optimizing fracture height, offering a solution to this challenge. Subsequently, the selected parameters are validated through experimental deep drawing of cylindrical cups, resulting in a minimal deviation of 1.55% between simulation and experiment outcomes. A precise mathematical equation is developed to estimate fracture height under diverse machining conditions, with a maximum deviation of 4.52% observed between the mathematical model and simulation. These findings represent a substantial advancement in deep drawing processes technology, particularly in reducing error rates during the production of cylindrical cups.
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