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Journal of Machine Engineering (JMachEng) is an international scientific quarterly devoted to current issues relating to product innovative design and manufacturing, holistic modelling, and behaviour improvement through simulations and testing, aided by innovative computer techniques, AI tools, intelligent procedures and state-of-the-art advanced computer control systems, for the efficient precision machining of products according to the current global market demands. It favours solutions harmonizing with the up-to-date manufacturing strategies and the quality requirements and needs of production process design, planning, scheduling and management.

The Journal's range of topics also covers the design and improvement of the operation and maintenance of highly efficient precision machines, processes and service systems, the development of control systems for manufacturing machines and processes and the development of software, especially software which significantly enhances the multicriterial performance of machining processes, supporting design development and autonomy implementation.

The Journal publishes primarily papers concerning the design, R&D and operation of innovative production machines, mainly machine tools and their units, but also papers on the development of high-performance manufacturing processes and systems and their real-time diagnosing, monitoring and servicing. Special attention is paid to research on the modelling, numerical simulation and optimization of machining modules, as well as on intelligent forms of the design and high-performance operation of conventional, unconventional, HSC and nanotechnology precision production machines, processes and manufacturing systems.

Papers dealing with forming technology and additive manufacturing and the development of relevant practical applications are also welcome.
Moreover, the Journal publishes papers on the development and optimization of manufacturing process planning, online monitoring and robust control, real-time distortions recognition, and errors limitation, compensation and self-compensation using advanced self-learning procedures.

The Journal is a continuation of “Machine Engineering” published in the years 2001-2005. Up to 2005 each issue of the latter was devoted to a different topic. Since then the Journal has been more open, covering a broad range of topics, being not limited to one topic per issue.
The papers are carefully selected and reviewed by distinguished scientists and recognised experts worldwide, mostly members of the CIRP International Academy for Production Engineering.

The authors of the publications are eminent specialists from around the world, including Poland.
Journal of Machine Engineering provides best assistance to factories and universities. It enables factories to solve problems and manufacture high quality products at a low cost and fast rate. It enables educators to update their teaching and scientists to deepen their knowledge and pursue research in the right direction. The Journal may prove very interesting and useful for students.

Journal of Machine Engineering is an open access journal. Users can use, reuse and build upon the material published in the Journal, but only for non-commercial purposes.

The scope of the Journal of Machine Engineering includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing systems development
  • Machine Tools intelligence development
  • Control systems for intelligent functions of manufacturing
  • Intelligent and autonomous functions design, R&D and application
  • Robust sensing technologies for manufacturing intelligent control
  • Robust real time monitoring of intelligent functions and life cycle of manufacturing systems components
  • Machine learning development for manufacturing long-time precision
  • Intelligent optimization of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing cyber-physical systems development
  • Advanced AI procedures for errors modelling and real-time self-compensation
  • Intelligent forming and additive manufacturing technologies
  • Digital Twin procedures for intelligent autonomous manufacturing
  • Manufacturing precision development intelligent control, monitoring and autonomy
  • Advanced cutting, grinding and super precise machining R&D and optimization
  • Diagnoses and prognoses for predictive maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly design and manufacturing
  • INDUSTRY 4.0./5.0. strategies application

The Journal is indexed in: SCOPUS, Index Copernicus, BazTech, PBN, Google Scholar. The procedure of its registration in the databases of Journal Citation Reports has begun.

JMachEng is a member of CrossRef – the citation-linking backbone for online publications. All Papers have registered digital object identifier DOI.

JMachEng is a member of Similarity Check (powered by iThenticate) –eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process. iThenticate service was developed in partnership with CrossRef.

All open access articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.

The Editorial institution reserves the right to adjustment texts. Significant changes in the text will be agreed with the Authors.

The base version of the Journal is printed (ISSN 1895-7595). Papers are also published in electronic version in Open Access mode ISSN 2391-8071 (Online).

Assigned Scientific Disciplines
• Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering,
• Material Engineering,
• Mechanical Engineering,
• Informatics.

Natural persons and institutions: 450EUR + VAT (value added tax paid in the buyer's country)
All bank commissions are paid by the buyer.
The above amounts apply to articles of no more than 12 pages.
For each additional page over 12 pages the fee is 40EUR + VAT.

Papers submitted for the annual CIRP Sponsored Conference on Supervising and Diagnostics of Machining Systems held in Karpacz, Poland - please contact Ms. Agnieszka Dabkiewicz - agnieszka.dabkiewicz@pwr.edu.pl - for conference fee payments and invoices.

The price for subscribers is established on the basis of a separate agreement.
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