Performance Optimization of Multi-Roller Flat Burnishing Process in Terms of Surface Properties
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Faculty of Special Equipments, Le Quy Don Technical University, Viet Nam
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Viet Nam
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Le Quy Don Technical University, Viet Nam
Submission date: 2022-12-14
Final revision date: 2023-02-22
Acceptance date: 2023-02-25
Online publication date: 2023-03-03
Publication date: 2023-06-12
Journal of Machine Engineering 2023;23(2):159-173
In the current investigation, two primary indicators, including the average roughness (AR) and Brinell hardness (BH) of the roller burnishing operation are enhanced using the optimal inputs (the spindle speed-S, feed rate-f, and depth of penetration-D). The performance measures are developed using the Kriging approach and optimal outcomes are generated by the Crow Search Algorithm (CSA). The optimal outcomes generated by the CSA of the S, f, and D were 832 rpm, 112 mm/min, and 0.12 mm, while the AR was reduced by 37.0% and the BH was increased by 29.9%, respectively. The optimal findings could be utilized in the practice for enhancing the burnished quality and to develop a professional system related to the roller burnishing operation. The Kriging-based AR and BH correlations could be used to present nonlinear experimental data. The optimizing technique could be utilized to deal with optimizing problems for different machining operations.
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